Sunday, 12 August 2012

Chuffed Like A Train In A Choo-Choo Chuffing Railway Station - 12th August 2012

I did a gig yesterday. It was wonderful.

Now that could mean quite a number of things, either I did well (I did) or the ambiance was great (it was) or the crowd was large (50 people on a Saturday night at the Free Sisters, or what is otherwise known as Cunt Central) or the other comedians were brilliant (the amazing Dan McKee and my close friend Paco Erhard were). It was all of those things.

I got to do most of the jokes I did last year again. God I had missed them. Really enjoyed doing Zizek to 50 people who didn't know what in the name of balls I was talking about (apart from one girl who advised me to pluck my hoodie a bit more. Brilliant). The new material I did was a bit hit-and-miss, but the hit rate surprised even me. It was just so much fun. But the main feature was that I, now on lots of medication, can still enjoy stand-up. It was really interesting to talk about these things honestly and jocularly. There were a couple of faces in the crowd that went a bit empathetic during the gig. There was one lady in the third row who looked a bit concerned for my sanity, but laughed uproariously at the jokes I could make about my condition and some of the crap I've been going through for the past year.

When I got off-stage, I was buzzing. Not the highly agitated buzz of 2 years ago, but a buzz of contentment. To use quite a wonky analogy, I got to empty my painful comedy blue balls. And it worked. I'm now far more secure in my ability to continue doing stand-up. If you've got a gig somewhere that needs a spot, I'm your man.

I even got a share of the bucket; precisely 195 pennies. Which is going to buy me an americano at the Elephant and Bagels after I've finished this blog. Which is now. By-ee.



P.S. According to Zoe, Episode One starring Doug Segal and Witness Theatre should be out TODAY! HURRAY!

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