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Wednesday 8th March 2011: Last week and Desperate Questions about Stand-Up (EdFringe and General giggery)

Gosh, hello. I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I've been hugely busy. You know with what. And thank you, everything went really well. So today I'll be writing this blog, as a means of avoiding other work which, frankly, is a bit more deserving than any of you people give it credit for. This does mean that, after next week and several essays handed in (and a new material night, where I'll hopefully be able to try out a new 5 min as well as some other stuff, including my only once-heard and legendary Airport-Rituals list. Will I turn into Jerry Seinfeld? Come along if you're around. Especially if you dig the 90s and are cool. Like me), I will have some time for A. working and B. Stand-up. Henceforth: the following questions:

A QUESTION: I'm looking for more gigs to do. So if you've got some, let me know. I've got  quite a brilliant 10 together (if I say so myself).

ANOTHER QUESTION: I've been thinking about the Edinburgh Fringe this year, and if you want to do a stand-up showcase with someone, or know someone who does, let me know. I'm getting desperate. I would like to do some more than just open spots this year :-).

That's it. I've turned to begging. That's how well my career is doing. Or, rather, I'm undeniably still very new to this sort of thing and don't really how to ask people. Yes, that's it. Shy, rather than shit. Use that as a advertising phrase.

I naturally hate advertisers. My father, who was over from NL with my mum, was talking to me about when he is looking up film reviews or Linux updates, he never sees the pop-up adverts of girls with breasts. Usually, my mum has to ask him whether he likes another cup of tea or prefers to stay and watch more porn. He then tells me emphatically that he doesn't even see those ads in the corners. He is 54 years old.

I really enjoyed doing the run of theatre-based things at Sussex Uni last week. The Masque of Queens was v enjoyable if slightly unhinged, especially the manic run-up to the performance itself, with me nearly losing the King and not being able to find him for a couple of minutes. It turned out he had a massive cold and didn't want to look like a snot-faced plague-victim on a throne. Can't blame him, really. I was v happy to have done it though. Also quite special doing Jonson, and performing 16th Century words in the round, like an overly serious subsidised French actor doing stand-up.

R&G was unequivocally brilliant, joyful and insane. I really loved it, although my knees are still black and blue from increasingly intense sex scenes. And lots of falling about and dying in general. I had to wear a suit for most of the week, which made me look like a burke, I thought; but other people actually seemed to like it. So there you go. I did say some Shakespeare in that play, which can be added to the vain and self-regarding stand-up/writing/acting-cv I'm building up to place on a more developed version of this website in the near future; (N.B.) should any success or interest in my work occur, which is statistically doubtful.

R&G was one of the most fun times I ever had rehearsing for a thing. The atmosphere was really good, I got to know some really nice people and the thing itself worked. Lots of people said really nice things about it, which is good for my humongous ego. There was supposed to be someone reviewing it, so when I find that (or you do, get out of that seat and do something for a change!), I'll post a link in the comments-section. I'm actually quite tempted to maybe do another SUDS play in the summer term (if I've got the time). Ironically, a year ago, I was talking to one of my lecturers in Amsterdam about plays and he said this was his favourite. Should have sent him an invite. Ah well. I'll let him know when I get back.

Talking about getting back: I'm genuinely not looking forward to it, but I've still got nearly half a year in Britain before I have to finish my degree in Damsko. It's quite dispiriting, but at least I won't waste so much time doing nothing as I usually did. Step one: Downloading iPlayer programmes to my laptop, so I won't waste time streaming them. First step on road to recovery; a bit less procrastination.

Speaking of wasting no time (since I'm supposed to be in a rehearsal in, ooh! 40 minutes!), as I said before, my parents were over for the weekend and are currently on their way to boat (They're on a boat) back to Dunkirk, where they'll drive back to NL. We had so much fun, walking around Brighton, drinking coffee, being in restaurants, getting drunk. Few things are as much fun as getting drunk with your parents.

They also accompanied me to the first TopBanana comedy night in the Rose Hill Tavern. Now, if you want to see a good night of comedy that's free and your in Brighton, go and see that one. It was brilliant, and so were the compère (the wonderful Aiden Goatley, who gave me my first successful Brighton spot back in November), the crowd and the other acts on the bill. I was ridiculously nervous, since my parents hadn't seen me do a solo-performance since I was 19, 4 years ago when still at Drama School. I worked in Dutch and, apart from that, was rubbish. Here, not so. The crowd really went for it and I only had to ride the waves. Lots of the subtleties came out as well, which was nice. The only beginner's mistake I made was during the Nigella Lawson-bit, where I held the mic too far from my face. I forgot to bring it up with my head, which hung back, in arrogant Nigella-stylee. Only the tables at the front laughed, I didn't really understand why, so I kept on going. But later, I found out that the mic was simply too far away to register any sound. Stupid mistake, but, for a 30th gig (something like that. I'll find out some other time), not bad at all. So thanks to Bola and everyone there. If another Badger-review turns up, I'll also post it here. Unless it's rubbish, then they're just students who by definition know absolutely nothing (just kidding Lily, I love you and everyone you've ever spoken to).

Next time, I'll begin a restaurant-guide to Brighton, having eaten at 4 different ones over the last 4 days. That'll keep me occupied. Now, I must dash off, or I'll be murdered by people who I believed to be my friends but this tardiness was the final straw. And I'd deserve it.

Love to all.

P.S. Do contact me about gigs, fringe and other stuff! I need this! X

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