Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 26th February 2011: Self-Promotion, Stars, Masques and Jacques D'Ancona

This blog will be a bit shorter than those in past weeks. That is because it's quite a busy time at the moment, what with all kinds of goings-on happening in my life. You know. Here's a list for the coming week.

13.00-14.00 Performing Ben Jonson's THE MASQUE OF QUEENES for the first time since 1609 and guaranteeing myself a place in an obscure history books on the much neglected and palpably irrelevant theatrical form of the Masque. I'll be playing Jonson himself (meta) and it's going to go down in EDB 128.

19.00-22.00 (with interval) In Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. By Tom Stoppard, I'll be the one shouting (in character as Claudius), standing in a corner looking tired/smug/menacing (in character as a tragedian) and doing lots of scene-changes. Please come, it's going to be brilliant.

Three stand-up gigs in two days, both in Brighton. There's been someone round to leaflet the neighbourhood, as well as Sussex campus (hopefully) so my name is on a piece of paper yet again. How lovely. I'm doing two TopBanana nights as well as the Hanover Pub (not 100% certain yet). So COME! My parents will be coming to one of those nights, so my usual nervous energy might tip over into mania or make for a tour-de-force of quiet, odd, voice-based comedy stories. Whatever floats your boat.

As well as the fact that my bike has returned from repairs (new brakes, new left pedal and a serious de-rustification process about 30 years overdue), costing me 30 quid. But hey, at least I'm not going to die in traffic anytime soon. And in a hillbased town such as this, that's always nice. The soles of my shoes were getting worn down, being used as stand-ins for proper brakes, making me look like a crap Wile E. Coyote wannabe. Which is the least aspirational cartoon character in my opinion. So yeah.

Two gigs last week, aside from the R&G rehearsal process. One in Hove, which went -meh- (insert that well-known nasal sound of ambiguity) and one yesterday, at UpstairsAtTheThreeAndTen (actual name of the venue, I swear, I didn't make this up) which went brilliantly. So much fun. I was on in the second half, and just before the end of the interval, I heard a reviewer was in. That would have been the first review since January 2009, where I was reviewed in a touring comedy play by infamous Dutch theatre critic Jacques D'Ancona. Negatively, I should point out. The only negative review of the entire run. But I didn't really care about that, since the man made a name for himself as a panelist on the Dutch version of Junior Stars in their Eyes, judging the children and arguing with his fellow-panelist, a talking bull. Lovely man. Hello Jacques, if you're reading this!

I just realised, I should have put the 5 stars we got in August 2008 from on my blog as a means of self-promotion. Oh, I just did. Ah well.

But, yeah, the gig was brilliant.

That's what I wanted to say, really. So I'll just continue now with drinking tea, reading Lewis Carroll (seminar on both Alice-books on Friday) and watching Whose Line is it Anyway.

Love to all, individually and collectively.

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