Monday, 30 August 2010


Well, why? For God's sake, why? Why would I, out of all people, choose to foul the internet even more with my, although perfectly readable; debased, petty and inconsistent stupidity? Why? Why would anyone ever be interested in that? Well, I grant you, no-one in their right mind should be. I'm starting this blog for myself and for mainly three reasons.

One - As a writing exercise, just to get more material out of my mad, mad life (and ripping off Richard Herring's far superior blog in the process. Please read his blog, it's great!).

Two - As I'm a foreign exchange student, this will save me time in writing an essay about the experience. Cause I'll be able to copy-paste the best bits into it (I do hope the UVA people won't read this bit. Oh God, they already have. This isn't happening.).

Three - As an act of meaningless, vile self-promotion. I am so evil.

Couple of rules:

- I'll never insult or degrade anyone in this blog (well, some rules are there to be broken, aren't they? Yes, they are. Just usually not the first one).
- I'll never mention people I know by name in here (unless they want me to. Weirdos).
- I'll try to use not as many brackets and hyphens as I did in this first post (again, some rules...).
- There might be more rules.
- There will be swearing. But not that much. Just a touch. When needed. Yes. Like fuck? That's the one. Ok, got that.

Right. Who am I?

My name's Jorik, I'm 22. I live, until the next post, in Holland. In a month's time, I'll be in the UK. Why am I writing in English? Vanity mostly, then (again) self-promotion and finally because most Dutch people I know are able to comprehend English, but not vice-versa, strangely enough. Ah well (another term I expect to overuse within days after the blog officially starts). I hope to post one message every day, although sometimes, this might consist of just a few angry, frustrated words, like: 'I'M BUSY! LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU WEIRD INTERNET FREAKS! HAVEN'T YOU GOT LIVES, YOU MORONS? DIE!!!!!!' And the like. Other times I might be overly sensitive or drunk and write exceedingly bad prose on topics I don't have a clue about. But that seems to be the gist of most internet publishing I've read since the heady days of the late nineties (ah, remember them?).

I've been doing stand-uppy stuff and theatre for nearly five years now and have been writing for longer than that. But only now, faced with a year of actually living the life I'd wanted for so long, do I feel the need to share it with the rest of the world. Pride comes before the fall. So let's call this first post: THE PRELAPSARIAN POST! As you've probably seen in the header. Yes. That's why you should always have someone professional at hand to edit your internet words.

No, yeah. But. I'm currently studying English at UVA (which is where you might have found this lovely internet-based garden of joy. Please read my words and be my friends. Oh, please!), which I enjoy very much, after a couple of years in and out (mostly out) of drama school and other lovely productions. Ok, I'm bored already. I actually bored myself, by talking about myself. More banal me-words in a next blog.

Maybe, in the run-up to me leaving for the UK, there'll be some more angry or, like this, expositional blogging; but for now: Ta-ra.

(I'm so going to hate this post in a couple of years).

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy these ramblings. I hope to keep them up throughout my time in the UK. If you really want me to talk about something, e-mail me (cause I'm a very lonely person), or let me know how much you like or dislike me. I don't care. I love criticism. Not cause I'm weird or anything (this is what I meant by: prone to digression).

So, yeah. Thanks for reading this far and hopefully we'll see it through to this time, next year.

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