Sunday, 22 September 2013

22nd September 2013 - Back in Britain/Back in Business

Well, here we are.

After 1 Edinburgh Fringe, 3 weeks of getting stuff organised, a leaving party that will never be forgotten and a 12 hour coach trip I am, finally, in London. Good grief.

I am currently in Bow, East London, with some wonderful friends who agreed to put me up/put up with me for a week and a bit before I'm moving to my next abode. My friend Chris even collected me from the tube statio, starting a twenty minute odyssey to his flat, with lenty of baggage changing hands and man-shouting. It does make one feel like Bear Grylls, only with skin, tearing from too heavy baggage. Taking along more bags than was necessarily sane, I survived through the kindness of some fellow travellers who just happened to have to get on to the District Line. Next time I'm moving with that many bags, I'm installing a couple of extra arms on my back, like Dr. Octopus. Whether I'll then ever be able to get through airport customs again is a matter for another day.

I concluded Friday by sleeping for 15 hrs. That about tells you about the intense tiredness I'm currently rocking. Back from Edinburgh, I started a course of AlkaSeltzeer/Supradyn Complex Fortississimo.My body then, didn't have a change to get ill, which it still wants to I think. Now I'm here though, I'm developing a slight cough.

Being in the UK after two years of relentlessy looking forward to it feels likehigh school again, in a way. I always had maths exams on the final hour of Friday afternoon. When I had one,  my sense of time would be cut and my entire future stopped at that point. Then there would be a cliff after Friday afternoon. Cycling home was like awakening from a coma. I realised that life was not just about numbers I didn't understand. There were also crisps, novels and tv.  Now, I feel similar to that. I'm completely living in the moment, bso what I'm doing right now is the only real thing on my mind. That will change. Especially when the term starts on Monday next week.

On Saturday night, a friend of mine had her leaving do. She's going to Paris, for Drama school. Meeting up with a lot of friends from Sussex was wonderful. It is strange that I once did exactly the same thing as Alice is dooing. It's so brave, to just go to a place  where she doesn't know anyone. I did it, once. I couldn't do it again. So I wish her all the luck and awesomeness in the world.

Tonight, however, I'm meeting the people I'm going to live with from Monday next week. And I will attempt to keep this blog a bit more often. I't's good to be back.

P.S. I will be updating the gig list. I've got a gig at Pearshaped Comedy on October 2nd, in Brighton (BRIGHTON!) at Comedy Corner on Monday October 7th, Land of the Blind in Stockwell on the 10th of Oct and one at Comedy Squared on October 23rd. Would love to see you there!

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