Monday, 11 March 2013

Poem 1 Snowy Mountaintop

Thursday, 26th July 2012

There's a snowy mountaintop
Made of memories and dust
There's blood in there
And sweat and boredom
That's holding it from shifting

I am this glacier
Cracking, tearing at the seams
Falling in an avalanche
Falling cracking lumps apart
Breaking up and breaking off
Parts and pieces
Bits of me
Limb from limb
Veins from arteries
Bones from lungs

It tears me asunder
Breaking apart
Fall out in pieces
Fluids on the floor
Blood in fountains
Flesh ripped away like grass by scythes
Red and grey and brown and white
Pink and blue
Torn off in shards of colour
In an empty black ocean

All leaving light and torn apart
All raining, dripping, slipping down
Leaking over stones
Written in words
In blood and charcoal
Written as if fingerpaint
On a snowy mountaintop

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