Friday, 26 October 2012

Thursday 25th October 2012 - Ultimate Booknerd 64 2k12

I seem to be spending too much of my time asleep. My body appears to want to sleep until half 12, every day. This is annoying. Losing the 'morning' (between quote marks, because, like a proper Fresher, I feel mornings are a conceptual entity never actually experienced by anyone. That's what I'm feeling like at the moment. Like a fresher. Again) means that most of my days I start from a distinctly 'annoyed' perspective. Last night was great, once again stuck in Falmer bar with lovely people I hadn't seen for ages, then off to Brighton for drinks with yet more friends from way back. At the moment I am writing this (on Thursday afternoon)  from the Sussex Piazza CafĂ© (Yoghurt+Muesli+Kiwi = brill, Latte = brill, Cake = meh) where even the spoons are made of fully compostable materials. I approve of Sussex's Sussexiness. From today, I'm also the primary Dutch validator for Brandwatch (Boom! Employment!) which will enable many good things.

Before all that though, my friends Ben and Kristy (with whom I'm staying atm) chucked me out of the house, because I was crashing/falling asleep again after taking meds at half 12, and just as well they did. So I left, and had an amazing Halloumi wrap in the Lanes and then, on my to Brandwatch, went into a secondhand bookshop. Now I'm a secondhand bookshop addict. They're not really around in Amsterdam, which is good for my financial situation. But here, I had a 20 minute bookbuying binge. I just had to give in. The booty is:

Under Western Eyes - Joseph Conrad (to make Gene, my Thesis Supervisor and world authority on Conrad happy)
Orlando - Virginia Woolf (After yesterday, how couldn't I?)
The Awkward Age - Henry James (James is amazing if longwinded. And for me EVERY AGE is the Awkward age. Might name an Edinburgh show after that)
The Penguin Classics edition of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman - Lawrence Sterne (which beats my cheapo Wordsworth edition hands down*)
Spike - an Intimate Memoir - Norma Farnes (which set off this binge, because it's related to my thesis topic)
When We Were Orphans - Kazuo Ishiguro (which I thought would be a great book for my MA, but according to my friend Sophie it's millions of different kinds of crap. Ah well)
Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel (just had to)
Requiem for a Nun - William Faulkner (Gene is also a world renowned expert on Faulkner)
The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood (My second unread Atwood, will have pride of place next to Bodily Harm)
The Mating Season - P.G. Wodehouse (My second unread Wodehouse)
The Longest Journey - E.M. Forster (Ditto re. yesterday. I just had to)
and an awesome paperback edition of White Teeth by Zadie Smith. 12. 12. 12 new, used books. I have a problem.

* Also, I appear to have stepped up a notch in my booknerdery in actually having double-bought a book for a better edition. Hence the title.

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