Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monday 11th October 2010

Some people have the natural ability to get up before the alarm bell. I do, sometimes. The sleeping part of my brain weirdly enough adjusts to the time I decide to get up the next morning, and wakes me up slightly beforehand. This is usually mid-dream. This morning, for instance, I was in a dream, being shot at, and I could feel the oranges (some people were throwing oranges at me for some reason) hitting my head. I can remember it hurting a lot and I awoke with a start. After a quick wee, I inspected my phone and I saw I had two minutes until the alarms would go off. I then switched off the alarm and went back to bed, thereby destroying my body's intentions (ha! Take that hippocampus!). Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get to sleep so I got up anyway.

You can't win in those situations.

But still, why oranges? I know of books with doves and roses on the cover claiming to hold the truth about your entire subconciousness. They sell incomprehensibly well, seeing as it can never be a science, looking up words and random phrases and saying: Your mum was a dog in her previous life, and you resent her for that. Why? You used to be a cat.

Why is it that in our imagination dogs and cats fight? They're on the same level in the food chain, so they could have rivalry but not as much! It's not like mongoose and snakes (which are, do all intents and purposes, better suited in an ultimate battle-style showdown of the creatures of the jungle). It might be something to so with the weather or cartoons in the 1920s. I am not qualified to do anything other than speculate on that.

No I didn't do much today, no. Sorry about that.

Before I go: Bread used to be a quite successful soft-rock band in the 70s. I was wrong to mock them, they should be worshipped for being quite good instead of mocked (no, I wasn't targeted by the two surviving members of the California-based band).

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